The sky is not the limit
Ziggurat arouses interest and creates a new way of thinking for those who strive to conquer new heights and surround themselves with a narrow circle of people close in spirit.
The feeling of fullness of life is inextricably linked with the challenges that life throws, with conflict situations, with the risks that a person takes on. But this is impossible when you are in an absolute comfort zone. Ziggurat shows new horizons to those who have experienced everything in life. It gives a new impetus and an understanding of what else you can strive for.
We understand what people need, we know how to create an aesthetic product that improves the quality of life
Ziggurat is an illustration of the top and the highest quality in construction.
The Tower of Babel is the first piece of architecture and a key example of a ziggurat. It combined high technological skills and cultural, imaginative significance. The tower was built so that it would become "high to the heavens" - it served as an invitation to the gods to descend to earth. At the same time, it expressed one of the most important aspirations of man — to rise above his infirmity and enter into a closer relationship with the deity.
Premium project in Zamoskvorechye
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Ziggurat presented a new project
The ZIGGURAT manifesto video became the winner of the WOW Awards
The ZIGGURAT manifesto video became the winner of the WOW Awards